The Gig

Music is such a unique and universal sign of communication. There are so many different messages and moods that one can feel when listening to a genre of music. From the concentration of classical to the dance party electronic vibes there is literally something for everyone. My objective for this project was to create a hypothetical music gig poster for the band “Lift” that will be held at the House of Blues. I love music that is playful and fun yet chill and airy. I wanted to portray the way the music lifts you up and allows you see a higher perspective.


My mind went through lots of different ideas and designs while I listened to various music. My first 25 sketches were cool but I didn’t feel connected to any of them. I was drawn to the idea of circles and continuity so I thought of a guitar and the sound hole and fitting various circle things in the place of the hole. I liked either having a Ferris wheel or a circle design for the center.

Draft Ideas



After getting some good feedback from my professor and peers, I realized that everything I had was too overwhelming and the message was unclear. I decided to just have the Ferris wheel and have a figure being lifted up by balloons. I felt like this adequately showed the chill airy feelings of a higher perspective. I also changed the shape of the clouds, the taut of the strings, added shadows to the Ferris wheel, balloons, figure, and moved around the text of place, date, and time to interact more with the design.

Progressive Change

EmileeWright - GigPoster - LIFT      EmileeWright - GigPoster - LIFT


EmileeWright - GigPoster - LIFT

Lifted Up

I’m grateful to see the progression that I’ve made in this creative process. It’s cool to how an original idea can be transformed into a concrete yet abstract message. The simplicity of the colors helps attract your eyes to the band name and the composition leads your eye up from the band up to the date and time. I like having the place be on the center of the Ferris wheel because the music will start on the “ground” but you’ll be lifted up by the rhythm and beat to look out on the world with a new perspective.

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