Vegetable Photography and Advertisement Design

One thing I love about food photography is you can do whatever you want to the item and it doesn’t talk back, get tired, want to leave, etc. You can spend time being nitpicky as you stylize to perfection all without worrying your wasting someone else’s time. Recently, I’ve wanted to do personal projects based on color and though I would start by going green! I had fun with vegetable photography and highlighting how green veggies look but also the health benefits they bring into our lives if we eat them.

It’s important to take time to brainstorm. Sketch out some ideas of what you want to do before getting out all of your food items. Even though an avocado won’t talk back he will start to turn brown after some time so you need to work smart. Here are a few ideas I had before starting the photoshoot. You can see that I followed some almost exactly and others I modified as I went along.

-Vegetable-Photography-and-Advertisement-Design   Vegetable-Photography-and-Advertisement-Design

I used my Sony a6000 to take the pictures and HPUSN softbox light kit for auxiliary lighting. In addition to taking pictures, I wanted to add some design elements and create poster advertisements you would see walking around town. I feel like healthy eating has been a hot topic recently as people are wanting to be more conscious of what they’re eating. I created one informational poster that has 10 facts about what those various green items have to benefit your body.

Hopefully, this vegetable photography and advertisement design looks pleasing to the eye and learning more about the health benefits makes it pleasing to your appetite. Also, take a look at my process video to see some behind the scene work with vegetable photography and advertisement design.

All vegetable health benefits were found on this website if you want to learn more!
The outdoor and indoor Photoshop mockups were found on this website if you want to make your own!

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