Social Change for Mental Health – ELEVATE: An Interdisciplinary Competition for Social Change

I was able to participate as the Student Marketing Director for a social change for mental health competition at Brigham Young University – Idaho. The competition is interdisciplinary in nature meaning we wanted to involve students from all colleges and departments across campus. Our goal is to ELEVATE one another as we come up with Social Change ideas for Mental Health. As a team of three directors, we spent one-semester planning the event and another semester actually carrying out the competition.

As the Marketing Director for the Social Change for Metal Health competition, I am in charge of creating and designing the informational posters, running two social media accounts, creating the event calendar, team registration materials, and taking pictures throughout the course of the competition.

Social Change for Mental Health was our theme because mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are the most prominent issues students face on the BYU-Idaho campus. As directors, we are passionate about mental health and we desired to help students come together to make a change. Groups fo 5 students from at least 3 different colleges come together to create an idea for social change with the emphasis being on mental health.

They refer to a case study we compiled with resources, rules, and guidelines in order to effectively address the question on mental health. They have a period of two weeks to consult with their team and come up with a presentation to show to a panel of judges. After our kickoff event on February 28, to register teams, we had over 40 teams and over 200 students participating in this amazing event.

View this PDF to see more details about the first semester of planning the Social Change for Mental Health ELEVATE competition.

Follow this link to read more about social change for mental health!

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