A Day at the Ropes Course

EmileeWright - RopesCourse

The cool wind blows quietly. Wet dew glistens as the rising sun shines brighter and brighter. The harnesses are tight and we are ready. The brown, wooden tower stands tall with ropes spread out for support. We gather as classmates to accomplish a task together —to lift. To raise one who can’t yet raise herself. Individually, we must decide to push or pull.

Each day we are faced with pushing or pulling situations. Will we push others away when things get too hard? Will we push them down if their talents seem better than our own? Will we push them away if they think, speak, or act differently than we do? Or, will we decide to pull up those who have fallen? Will we pull others to share what makes them unique? Will we pull others to reach for their dreams?

We stand in a line ready and willing, the wood chips crunching beneath our feet. She has chosen to put her life in our hands. We watch and listen for the signal. The wet, black rope rubs against our cool skin as we pull for Emma. Our fingers squeeze the rope tightly as we find the right momentum. We cheer her name as she is lifted higher. The feeling is electric.

As we choose to be pulling agents in life, our attitude and perspective will change. We will find renewed strength and a greater love for those we serve. As a proverb states, “Thee lift me, and I’ll lift thee, and we’ll ascend together.” At times, we may not see the immediate benefit to serve another person, but as we continue to move forward each day, to pull others, we too will ascend. We too will feel an excitement for growth and improvement as we help others achieve their goals.

She reaches the top with a tired smile. She stands and raises her hands joyfully in the air. She conquered a fear. The emotions are sweet as we look up to her. She made it to the top, just as we made it to the top even when our feet still touch the ground. Today we will walk away not just as classmates, but as friends who seek to lift one another.

Push. Pull. Push. Pull. These two actions determine how we choose to interact with other people. The decisions we make determine who we are and what we will become. We must seek to pull even when pushing would be the easier way out. We may feel weak, but the pull will always be worth it.

Push or pull, which one will you choose?

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