Steps to creating an indoor and outdoor product shot

What a fun project to pick some of my favorite things and to create a beautiful space to showcase various products. Take a look at some steps below of how to stage indoor and outdoor product photography shots.



I love brownies! In addition to the mix I love adding chocolate chips and marshmallows so I thought those would be fun additions to the shot to make it feel like we’re about to whip some up for a party. This shot is taken on a wooden plank right by an open door to get a lot of natural light.


This shot is to showcase a wedding ring from Kay Jewelers that belongs to my dear friend Kaley. A black backdrop was set up and I had a friend hold a speed light to the side to light the ring and rose. Adding the rose adds a delicate, romantic feel which is key to getting people to engage with your product shot, no pun intended. 🙂


I sure love a fruit smoothie on a warm day. I love the depth of field variance in the photo. I think that is an important tip to incorporate into staging a food product shot. Have your main item in full, front focus and have the sub items softly fading into the background. I also like the texture of the backsplash in the kitchen. I had a continuous light for this shot but an open window/bright light source would work to get the right lighting inside your kitchen.


When I passed by this olive oil in the store, I immediately wanted to photograph it. I love the herbs inside in how they create texture and the design of the label. I wanted to incorporate a fresh tomato and basil on the cutting board to match the flavor of the oil. When you have a fancy looking product, it is best to be simple with the accompanying items. I used a continuous light from the side for this shot in order to get a warm glow inside the bottle.



Even though this doesn’t really look like it’s taken outside, it is! There was a beautiful dark wood on the deck of a cabin we were staying at so I wanted the bright fruit to have a bright contrast against the dark background. I love the delicate slices and the way adding a hand makes the photo more lifelike and inviting.


This is one of my favorite product shots, and it looks like it could be an ad in a magazine. I find the biggest thing that makes it stand out is the action of pushing the bug spray. We all know what it smells like and how it feels to be sprayed down before starting a hike in the mountains. Add some action to your next product shot! Take advantage of the bright sun to take your product shots since their eyes can’t squint! 😉

Now you have a few tips to take some fun indoor and outdoor product photography shots! Go out and stage something awesome! For some more tips and ideas head over to to see some other examples!

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