How to make a social media food advertisement and process video

One of my favorite things about photography and design is how you can bring a visual message to life that connects with people and their emotions. I created a few food setups with the idea of making them into social media and magazine spreads. I like taking the beauty of photography and capturing a beautiful image and adding graphic design elements to create a beautiful image that tells a story and invites people to do, learn, buy, something.

So, let’s jump into how to make a social media food advertisement! I started with a beautiful cheesecake spread with pops of red colors. I wanted it to feel like summer and to be warm and inviting for someone to click on. I ideally envisioned this ad to be on Pinterest since that is the social media platform that I usually get recipes so I chose to insert my design into a mockup to help people envision it in a real-life setting. After getting some more critique from friends I decided to change the font a little bit for it to be more legible. I love getting constructive feedback from friends to make my work even better. Check out the process video to see my step by step process!


I had a similar theme with my second shoot with gourmet bagels! I chose a random bagel shop (Bruegger’s Bagels) to “advertise with” to go through the whole process. I also inserted my design into a Facebook ad mockup to again help viewers and prospective clients see my work in real life and how I could do the same thing with their products and services. Watch the process video to see how I used similar elements to the cheesecake video!



I hope you learned something new and are inspired to make something new and exciting! Be sure to share how to make a social media food advertisement with your friends and create some awesome stuff together! If you need a place to get creative mockupsĀ check out Freepik!

Check outĀ this article for more details on social media advertising and what you can implement for your business!

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