How to make a magazine food advertisement and process video

I had a lot of fun exploring food photography and designing a few magazine ads and cover for this personal project. I had two food photography setups with salsa and a meat platter. I composed the shot with white space on the bottom right because I wanted to create a salsa recipe spread later. Visualizing the end goal is critical in being effective with your time. Picture where your text will be, what size of ad you want, and what platform you will be using to make sure you set up your document size correctly.

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For the meat platter, I wanted to try doing a food magazine cover and also a full-page spread using the same photo but a different angle. For the cover, I loved playing with the colors and brining out the pop of orange. Which is your favorite of the two magazine food advertisements?

I also included a process video showing behind the scenes work of creating the ad. You can make your own process video by using the screen recording function on QuickTime Player. I then take the long video and bring it into Adobe Premiere and increase the speed. I try to make them under a minute long. It’s also great reference for watching yourself work and seeing how you could do better or quicker next time. Try it out with your next project.

Have you listened to Tswifts new album!?

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