How to be a Second Shooter for a Wedding

I have always wanted to try out being a wedding photographer but never wanted to be the head photographer for my first time. I was honored to be a second shooter for my good friend Kim Dye for Kevin and Krista’s wedding! It was an overcast day but the couple was beautiful and I’m so happy to have been able to meet them. It was a completely different experience than I expected and I wanted to share a few tips I learned if you’re wondering how to be a second shooter for a wedding.

Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 

Be prepared – Ask what the head photographer wants before starting. Where should you be? What shots should you be in charge of getting? How should you dress? Who do you need to interact with? Meet for lunch or chat on the phone so you are both on the same page on the wedding and reception coverage.

Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019

Be flexible – Understand that you are the second shooter. You will be working behind the scenes. Don’t get in the way of the main photographer in getting the most important shots of the night. Also, don’t be an “over-the-shoulder” photographer where you get basically the same shot just from a slightly different angle. You have the ability to be in areas the head photographer is not. For example, if the bride and groom are singing a song together the head photographer will be getting shots in front and you have the chance to get a behind the shot/silhouette look. Be flexible in where you are and be creative with the shots you get.

Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019

Small details – You have the chance to capture the little, beautiful details sometimes the head photographer doesn’t have time to get. Take pictures of the table decorations, the flowers, flower girls playing, groomsmen talking, cake, the piano man, people walking into the venue, etc.

Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019 Emilee-Wright-Kevin-Krista-2019

I hope these ideas help you in knowing a bit more about how to be a second shooter for a wedding! Let me know how your adventures go as a second shooter! Check out this article for some more tips on how to be a second shooter for a wedding! Good luck!

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