Golden Hour Photoshoot at Antelope Island

Golden hour is a magical time for a photoshoot. My sweet cousin Madi is leaving on a church service mission at the end of November and wanted to get some pictures done before heading to Arizona. We went to Antelope Island State Park which is north of Salt Lake City, Utah right before sunset to capture a few special moments for our last golden hour photoshoot together for a while. There are crazy amounts of mosquitos if you go into the tall wheat and around the marsh areas so bring bug spray!

Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island

I love candid shots of movement so I had Madi stand in the middle of the road and spin around while moving her long flowy skirt. I changed my camera speed to continuous shooting so that way I could get a variety of images during her movement. Make sure to clear your memory card before starting because you will be capturing a lot of images by using the continuous shoot mode. There will be a lot of blurry images, weird faces, and unflattering poses by capturing so many photos but you will also capture a few perfect candid moments too! Try it out!

Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island-  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island-  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island-

I also wanted to capture some cool sun flares during the end of our golden hour photoshoot right before the sun was going to dip behind the mountains. In order to create a sun flare, you need to increase your f/stop somewhere between 18-22. By doing this, your camera’s sensor will be taking in less light, which will make it harder to properly expose the face of your subject. It helps to partially cover the sun with your subject or a tree/mountain to help the sun flare show up more clearly. Have the sun come from different sides of your subject to see what you like best.I brought my 5-in-1 reflector in order to bounce the light back on to Madi’s face while still being able to capture the sun flare. It helps to have a friend who can come assist by holding the reflector, extra outfits, water, etc.

Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island  Emilee-Wright-Madi-Mission-2019-Golden-Hour-Photoshoot-at-Antelope-Island

Check out this post by Borrow Lenses to get more information about golden hour photoshoots and how to get out at the right time for your location.

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