How to print fine art flower photography

Your photography will truly come to life when you see it printed! I was able to participate in a gallery showing of fine art photography work of university students from BYU-Idaho in the Spori building.

I chose to do a fine art flower photography piece of a simple purple flower I found on our photography excursion at Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor, Idaho. I love the simplicity of flowers and the beautiful bokeh blur you can produce by using a shallow depth of field.

The original photo


Here are a few edits I made in Photoshop. I rotated the picture to the right in order to have the stem to be more vertical. I also went into the selective color adjustment to really bring out the purple color of the petals and change the muddy brown color of the background to more cool blues and greens. Finally, I sharpened and brightened the image so it would print nicely. It’s always important to overcompensate because everything in print will be darker than you imagine.

The edited photo


I went to a local print and copy business and printed a 16X24 glossy print mounted on foam core. My fine art flower photography print will be framed and displayed in the Spori gallery from June 21st to early July. Check out this website to learn more about Fine Art flower photography.


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