Family Pictures in the Park

I love this cute family! I was so happy they asked me to take family pictures in the park before their daughter, Kaitlyn, left on her 18-month mission. We went out to a park in Layton, Utah and had fun capturing some memories before Kaitlyn headed out. One thing that was a bit difficult is finding a good way to organize their family pictures. Everyone is about the same height except for Evan, so it makes the posing part a bit difficult to make sure everyone can be seen. The best thing is to try various poses and areas to find which one looks the best that way the family has a variety to choose from later. Which pose do you like best?

Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park

In addition to the whole family, it’s always good to get shots of each child. Who doesn’t love to see the progression of kids growing up? Especially with guys, it’s important to have them do something with their arms so they aren’t limp by their side. I usually have them put at least one hand in their pocket just to add a bit of dimension and movement with their body language. I love taking family pictures in the park just because of the simple background with varying shades of green. I love how their blue outfits complement the background so well. You can also see Kaitlyn’s mission pictures on the next post.

Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park Emilee-Wright-Hogge-Family-Pictures-in-the-Park

Here are some other fantastic family pictures taken by Busath Photography if you need some more posing ideas!

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