Taylor Wiles Feature

The trials of life can make or break a person. The attitude one chooses to cultivate can determine the result of the lesson learned. For Taylor Wiles, her trials have become pivotal steps up the mountainous climb of life. Her childhood and school years were full of trying new things. Growing up in a small town, of 250 people, in Burlington, Wyoming gave her many opportunities to be involved in everything. This helped her develop many friendships and talents. She strove for perfection and never wanted to do anything wrong. She graduated top of her class, was involved in clubs, music, arts, and was successful in many sports. She was ready to take on anything life could throw at her.

At age 19, she prepared to serve an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in El Salvador. What started out as a picturesque adventure turned into one of the most difficult experiences she had ever faced. Being immersed in a new culture, learning the Spanish language, and adjusting to missionary life wasn’t easy. It was nothing like she had planned. After months of working hard and struggling with difficult challenges she developed a sickness that led to her returning home to receive medical attention. Everything fell apart and she realized what an imperfect life she had.

After coming home, it was difficult finding the purpose behind her trial. She prayed to God to find the answer and promised that no matter what happened she would choose to be happy, if He would help her in return. After this sweet promise, God gave her opportunities to serve those who were struggling more than she was which gave her a greater perspective on the purpose of life. She had been given talents and abilities to work and serve. She could choose to sit and be sad or to be a blessing to those who needed her.

Taylor found that there was more to life than having a perfect image. She realized she was happier even when everything was going wrong. All we can do is be kind and understand that people are trying their best. Her favorite scripture is found in John 16:33. She loves the focus of how there is nothing that can keep us from the peace and happiness of life even amidst the hardest trials. A joyful life truly comes when we spend our time serving others. In her words, “Things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

“It gets better. No matter what is happening it will always get better. You just have to keep trusting.”

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