Banff National Park Photography

Banff National Park is incredible and should be on your list of vacation spots. It is my favorite national park that I’ve ever been to since traveling up to Canada with my mom and younger sisters this summer. The landscapes, turquoise waters, hikes, vistas, and drives are breathtaking. I wish we could’ve stayed longer. You could spend at least a week up there hiking through the forests and enjoying the glacier mountains that stand majestically against the horizon.

Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography

Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography


Some of my favorite stops we made along the way included the Banff city area, Bow Lake, and Peyto Lake. The city is full of life and fun things to explore. There are a variety of yummy restaurants, informational centers, resorts, and walking/biking trails along the Bow River. We had some tasty Mexican food at Magpie & Stump and tried out the famous beaver tale dessert which is similar to a scone with a variety of toppings to choose from. You can get up super close to Bow Lake! Peyto Lake has a beautiful hike with tons of beautiful flowers and small evergreen trees. Once you get to the top you see the view in the photo below. It was incredible.

Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography

We then traveled up the Bow Valley Parkway for a more scenic drive up the park. We only had time for a few stops and hikes that left me wanting more but we had to continue our trip through Canada. When we go back I want to drive up the Icefields Parkway since it is said to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. I’ve also heard that the gondola ride up to Sunshine Village is amazing, Lake Louise, as well as enjoying more of the beautiful turquoise waters up near the Columbia Icefields, Emerald Lake, and Sunwapta Falls. Stay tuned!

Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography Emilee-Wright-Banff-National-Park-Photography

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